Questions to ask a Postpartum Doula during the interview

Research evidence shows that the quality services of a postpartum doula can ease the transition that comes with the addition of a baby to a family, improve parental satisfaction and reduce the risk of mood disorders.

To discover the specific training, experience and services offered by a postpartum doula, we recommend asking the following questions during the interview with your potential postpartum doula:

•    What training have you had?

•    Are you First Aid and CPR certified?

•    Tell me/us about your experience as a postpartum doula.

•    What is your philosophy about parenting and supporting women and their families during postpartum?

•    Tell us about the role you will play in supporting me/us in the postpartum period.

•    What different types of services do you offer?

•    May I/we call you with postpartum questions or concerns before the birth?

•    When do your services begin after birth?

•    What is your experience in breastfeeding support?

To book a postpartum doula, please contact us.
Email: info@worldclassnannies.com

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