Permanent Nannies

Give your child the gift of a second language

Permanent Nanny Service

Our bilingual nannies speak two or more languages and are employed by families to teach their children a second or third language within the home.

Our nannies are bilingual (English, Spanish, French- some of our most requested languages!) and available for live-out placements in Portland, Oregon or your city of residence worldwide.

We offer Full-Time and Part-Time long term placements, lasting 12 months or longer.

Bilingual - Permanent Nannies

Recommended for families living in the city on a long-term basis

Nanny Salaries

Nanny Salaries in the USA

$18-$25+ p. hr. depending on experience, education, number of children and their ages.

Nanny Salaries in Europe and Middle East

Live-in (Europe and Middle East): $400-$600+ net per week and upwards.

Live-out (Europe and Middle East): $500-$700+ net per week and upwards.

Nanny Salaries in Latin America

$800-$1,200 net monthly salary, based on full-time coverage (30-40+ hours per week).

$320-$1,160 net monthly salary based on part-time coverage (10-29 hours per week).

Nanny Job Duties

Bilingual nannies perform the same job duties and hold the same responsibilities as a non bilingual nanny. However, they do not perform housekeeping duties. The priority of the nanny is the child, she can perform simple household tasks related to the child, such as their laundry, meal preparation and maintaining the child’s room clean and tidy. Responsibilities vary, but often include full care of the children (bathing, dressing, feeding) engaging in creative play, escorting the children to and from school, activities and play-dates. In addition to other family related tasks such as, grocery shopping, errands and meal planning.

Long Term Nanny Placement Fees

A non-refundable $250.00 deposit is required to start a nanny search.

Full-time nanny: 12% of nannies annual income
Part-time nanny: 15% of nannies annual income

What’s included in the Placement Fee?

  • Personality Assessment Report and/or Background Check
  • Replacement Guarantee within the first 90 days
  • Professionally drafted Employment Agreement to be completed with your nanny
  • Employer Packet: Personally drawn up for our relocating families, which contains everything you need to know about domestic labor laws, national holidays, emergency numbers, basic information for employers and regulations to employ a nanny.
  • Additionally, we offer support to our families when they have specific questions about tax & payroll services. Our accounting professional can register your nanny and take care of payroll for you! Ask us about our Tax and Payroll Services

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