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Buenos Aires | New York | Madrid


Self-starter Nanny for Busy Family (lots of travel!)

Bilingual (English and Spanish) full-time nanny needed for Argentine/ American family living part-time in Buenos Aires and New York City. Nanny will travel often with the family in between B.A, NY and Madrid. The nanny will be in charge of twin boys (7 years old), 10 year old boy and 14 year old girl. Their daughter is independent, therefore she will only need some supervision with her routines and activities. This is a large household with many employees in the home. The parents are looking for a highly responsible, kind, easy-going and respectful nanny. The family currently has another nanny who has been with the family for 5+ years and are looking to add on another nanny for many years to come.

Schedule: 5 days (live-in) and 2 days off. Nanny will live in the families home during the 5 days on and in a rented apartment in NYC during days off. The apartment will be shared with the other nanny, however, since the days one nanny is off the other will be working, the nanny will have the apartment to herself.

Monthly Salary: $100,000 ARS +$250 USD per week

This a busy and very kind family with whom we have been working with for many years. They highly value their nannies and treat them as part of the family. Their main priority is hiring a nanny who has a high level of work ethic and is dedicated to creating a safe, fun and interactive environment for the boys.

The day starts when the children wake up around 6:00AM. Nanny will be responsible for getting them ready for school, preparing breakfast and any other morning tasks. She will accompany them to school and pick them up at 2:30PM. While the children are at school she will have that time for herself to study, do activities etc.

The family will be conducting interviews ASAP and trials in August.

Montevideo, Uruguay


German Nanny / Teacher Needed ASAP 


Bilingual German / English speaking teacher for two children (boy 6 years, girl 8 years) in Montevideo (Canelones).

A cheerful, calm, understanding, intelligent, creative and responsible teacher. Must be patient and have experience teaching children. The parent’s main objective is a person who gives them love and with whom they can learn another language.

Play with them, take them to the park, read to them a lot, and teach them songs, and crafts. A teacher who is between 20-30 years of age.

The children speak English fluently and intermediate German.

The parents are Argentinian (father) and Colombian (mother). The family travels to Europe (July) and Colombia every year. Therefore the nanny must have an EU visa or be able to enter the EU without the need of having to apply for a visa.

Weekly Schedule:
Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 pm-6:30 pm


Monthly Salary: to be determined. Payment is in USD

LOCATION: Canelones, Uruguay


  • Love working with kids! 🙂
  • 2+ years of  professional nanny / teaching experience.
  • Over 21 years of age
  • Legal to work in the Uruguay
  • Bilingual (ENGLISH AND GERMAN)
  • University studies in progress or completed


Punta del Este, Uruguay


Native English Speaking Nanny Needed ASAP

Amazing International Italian family located in Punta del Este is looking for a live-in bilingual nanny that is very active, fun, energetic, caring, responsible, understanding and trustworthy! This little boy is super active, he loves being outside, running, playing and swimming in the pool! He also goes to school for 3 hours per day therefore the nanny will have that time to herself to read, study, etc. The family wants the nanny to speak both English and Spanish to the boy, the family speaks English and Italian.
Nanny MUST have U.S Visa to apply!
There will be possible travel to Italy in the summer. The nanny will be required to accompany the family on their trips.
Location: Punta del Este
Hours: 6 days a week, 8 hours daily, extra hours may be needed.
(The nanny will have a free day. This day will be discussed and previously agreed with the family, it must be a week day because the family needs the nanny to work on weekends)
Child: 5-year-old boy
Duration: 12 months or longer!
Monthly salary: $2,000 USD
Start date: ASAP
-Creating a safe and stimulating environment.
-Playing, reading, feeding, bathing, changing and dressing.
-Come up with activities to keep him entertained and busy.
-Build a routine.
-Keep clean and in order everything that is related to the little boy.
-Administering medicine when needed with parent’s consent.
-The nanny will have her own big private bedroom and bathroom.
-If the nanny is located in Buenos Aires, the family will take care of the cost of the nanny’s ticket to Uruguay (via Buquebus) and the cost of the ticket back upon completion of the contract.
-Love working with children! 🙂
-Languages: English and Spanish.
-First aid and CPR.
-Must be able to swim. 
-More than two years of experience working with children .
-Must be able to have flexible hours, extra hours may be needed. 

Woodside, California

August 2022

Spanish Speaking Nanny for 3 year old girl and newborn (Excellent Salary!)

Spanish speaking nanny needed for three-years old girl and newborn, boy, who was born on 5/12. Parents often work from home due to COVID. .
Mom and dad are seeking an energetic nanny who is positive, upbeat, and active. The family lives in Woodside, CA where there are coyotes, bobcats, deer, snakes, poison oak, and other wildlife. The nanny needs to thrive in this environment and be excited to expose children to the joys of the outdoors. This includes tree climbing, insect hunting, hiking, mud and water play, reading and painting outside, among other activities.
Nanny must be well versed on positive discipline and not use punitive methods to manage behavior. Candidates are to be knowledgeable on progressive, evidence based childcare. The ideal candidate is reliable, organized, and self-motivated. Ideally, nanny has have an interest in early childhood development and have some formal education on the subject. Ideally she speaks Spanish, and is comfortable creating a fully immersive environment. 
Nanny will be responsible for the care of a toddler and infant. She needs to be equally capable of and excited to care for both ages. Given their vastly different needs, parents will try to reduce the time nanny needs to care for both at the same time. In caring for the infant, nanny will need to adhere to a feeding and sleep schedule. She must be physically able to keep up with a toddler and enjoy spending time outdoors rain or shine. 
Family has large dogs, cats, chickens, and goats on property. Nanny will not have any pet care responsibilities, but need to be comfortable with animals in and around the house. Nanny with pet allergies or fears will not be an enjoyable job for you! Nanny will be asked to pitch in around the house like a member of the family – clean up after yourself and the kids; wash dishes used by you and the kids; do the kids’ laundry and bed linens, organize the playroom before you leave as well as rotate the toys in their playroom. 
You need a valid Driver License and good driving record. Family will conduct a background check and ask for 2-3 references. Nanny must be up to date with vaccinations including current and future COVID-19 boosters. 
Parents pay well and on-time and will always treat you with respect. Pay is between $35-$50/hour depending on experience plus an annual discretionary bonus. Parents offer generous benefits including healthcare, optional housing for those relocating, on job food access, federal holidays, vacation and sick days. You will be paid via payroll company as well as be asked to sign a contract and NDA.
Schedule: Full-time
Start date: August 2022
Hourly rate: $30.00-$50.00 USD

Buenos Aires


Native English / 100% Bilingual Nanny Needed

American/ Argentine family living long-term in Buenos Aires is in search of a native English-speaking or bilingual nanny with excellent English for their 2.5-year-old. Initially, they would like to start off part-time in the afternoons (2/3 pm to 8/9 pm) a couple of days a week and eventually turn into full-time.
Their ideal nanny is joyful, playful, loving, thoughtful, observant, autonomous, willing, and able to educate and speak in English to their little boy. He goes to Montessori kindergarten. 
First Aid
Infant Experience
Meal Preparation (for the child/ren)
Able to run errands
Short-Term Travel with the family
Weekend and/or Evening Childcare
Experience with Pre-School/ Kindergarten Ages
Hourly rate: $8-$10 USD per hour depending on experience

Owasso, Oklahoma (USA)

Sep 2022

Bilingual (French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) Speaking Nanny Needed September 2022

A single father in Owasso, Oklahoma is in search of a bilingual (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian) speaking nanny for his two-year-old daughter. This is a live-in OR live-out position. 
Duration: 12 months, ideally 2 years or longer!
Dad is a pilot for FedEx and travels often. He has shared custody with mom therefore this would be a full time PAID job but nanny would only be working 15 days out of the month!
Typical day is getting her ready for preschool which starts at 9am and picking her up after preschool at 2pm. 
  • Help with preparing meals
  • Help with light clean 
  • Some travel
Right now they live in a two bedroom apartment but in the next 2-3 months they will be moving into a house that will have a large bedroom and bathroom for the nanny. A car may be provided for the nanny! 
Monthly salary: $2,400-$2,500
MUST be legal to work in the U.S

Mexico City


Weekend LIVE IN Native French Speaking Nanny NEEDED ASAP for 5-year old girl

Kind Mexican family in Lomas Altas is in need of a French native Speaking nanny for their 5-year old daughter. The little girl understands almost everything in French she is just a bit shy with speaking it. Therefore the nanny will be asked to speak 100% French at all times. 
The nanny will have her own bedroom and bathroom (guest room) during the weekends. On occasions the nanny may be asked to sleep in the little girls room when there are guests visiting.
This is a weekend live in position from Friday – Sunday and live out Monday – Thursday. 
This is an AMAZING opportunity for the right candidate.
There is another live in nanny who lives with the family full time.
Location: Lomas Alta
Schedule: Monday- Thursday: Pick up from school at 1:30pm, have lunch with her and then 1 hour of French lessons. 5pm mom gets home and nanny is free to leave. Friday: Same as during the week, pick up little girl from school at 1:30pm and stay with the family in their home through Sunday evening. 
Child: 5- year-old girl
Duration: 12 months (ideally, 2-3 years!)
Monthly salary: $1,000-$1,200 USD
Start date: ASAP
  • Creating a safe and stimulating environment.
  • Playing, reading, singing all in French.
  • Come up with activities to keep her entertained and busy.
  • Build a routine.
-Love working with children! 🙂
-Languages: French.
-More than two years of experience working with children .
-Must be able to have flexible hours, extra hours may be needed. 

Mexico City


Native English Speaking Nanny Needed

Lovely Mexican family in Mexico City is in need of a Native English speaking British or Australian nanny for their three children, aged 7, 5.5 and 3.5 years. The family is also open to hire a Native German nanny.
The nanny must be punctual, tidy, orderly, loving, capable of calming them down, thoughtful, resourceful, and respectful, set a good example for the kids, have a positive attitude and energy, and play with the kids and speak to them 100% in her native language.
She will have to help them complete their homework and do activities related to what they are learning in school.
Location: Mexico City, Lomas de Reforma
Schedule: Monday trough Friday from 8:30am to 2:30pm.
Boy (7-year-old)
Girl (5.5-year-old)
Boy (3.5-year-old)
Duration: 4 months
Monthly Salary: 200 MXN per hour
Start Date: ASAP
-Creating a safe and stimulating environment for the children
-Potty training (youngest boy)
-Indoor and outdoor play
-Educational activities and crafts
-Reading to the children in her native language
-Encourage the kids to pick up after themselves and keep everything related to them in order
-Love to work with children! 🙂
-First aid and CPR
-Languages: Native English
– 21 years old or older
-University studies in progress or completed

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