Language Teachers

They learn a second language through play & daily activities!

Language Teachers

Are you looking for a professional to help your child learn a new language?

We have the solution: language Teachers who work with World Class Nannies teach a second language to your child in the comfort of your family’s home. In addition to teaching a second language, Language Teachers typically assist with homework, school projects and other school-related tasks. Language Teachers work on a part-time basis, between 4-10 hours per week.

Language Teachers are not nannies and should not be treated as nannies.

Our teachers are all Native Speakers (English, Spanish, German, Mandarin amongst others) with:

  • Minimum of two years previous teaching or tutoring experience
  • University degree
  • Some are TEFL certified and/or hold teaching credentials

All our Language Teachers have successfully passed a personal interview, background check and their references have been verified.

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Hourly rates vary depending on the teachers experience, education, number of children and their ages. Teachers typcially work between 1-8 hours per week.

Portland Teacher Hourly Rate


Language Teacher Placement Fee

Monthly Placement Fee

$95.00 based on 4-8 hours per month

$160.00 based on 12-20 hours per month

$260.00 based on 24-32 hours per month

Teacher hourly rate is paid by the family directly to the teacher on a bi-monthly basis.

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