How to Register Your Nanny with AFIP

Congratulations – you´ve found your perfect nanny. Now it´s time to make it official. All nannies and other domestic employees working in homes in Argentina must be registered “en blanco” with AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos). Confused? Find out more with our step-by-step guide to legally registering your nanny in Argentina.

What is AFIP?

AFIP is roughly translated as the Federal Administration of Public Revenue – the government bureau that deals with money matters for people living in Argentina. When you hire a nanny with World Class Nannies you are responsible for registering your nanny with AFIP, the same as anyone (resident or otherwise) employing someone to work in their home.

It doesn´t matter how many hours the nanny works, they still need to be registered.

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Here´s How:

1. First you´ll need a clave fiscal – the code that allows you to do business with AFIP. Find out more about how to get a clave fiscal here: http://www.afip.gob.ar/claveFiscal/

2. Go direct to the AFIP website for Empleados de Casas Particulares. Click on the option to REGISTRAR TRABAJADORES. Next input your CUIT/CUIL/CDI and your clave fiscal and you will get the options for registration. You´ll need the section “Simplificación Registral – Registros Especiales de Seguridad Social” and the option “Personal de Casas Particulares.”

3. You fill out your details then choose the option to register an employee. Here you will fill out your nanny´s details. In terms of the category of service, your nanny will be under ”Asistencia y cuidado de personas“. You also need to fill in details of hours and places worked.

4. Once you have completed the online form you will get proof of registry with AFIP and a printable form to keep and to give to your nanny.

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5. Once registered, you need to pay the fees associated with employing your nanny – insurance, benefits, etc. You can find out costs by checking the Contribuciones section on the website. Enter into the section for payments by clicking on the arrow next to the nanny´s name in the registration system. You will get a record of the amounts payable each month and you click on the $ symbol to enter the VEP (volante electrónico de pago) – electronic payment – area. Or you can choose to pay manually, offline.

On the payment pages you will also record details of the hours worked and the pay you give to your nanny.

Bonuses and holidays: Make sure you understand how much to pay your nanny as a bonus (paid at the end of the holidays in June and in December, and calculated as 50 percent of the highest pay check within the previous half year), and how many days holiday (paid) the nanny is entitled to.

More Help

If in doubt, call AFIP on 0800-222-2526, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm, or download the step-by-step guides on the website. You can also get in touch with World Class Nannies for advice and support on all aspects of employing your nanny and working with the agency.

Good luck and all the best for your new nanny relationship!

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