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Frequently Asked Questions

We are all bilingual here! Placement Coordinators, Psychologist and Nannies. We have 12+ years experience matchmaking families to bilingual nannies and have a passion for education. We understand the importance of a second language and enthusiastically dedicate ourselves to promoting bilingual education to all of our clients.

Our clients are stay at home moms, diplomats, business owners, politicians who are local, relocating or visiting one of our locations. Lastly, we offer an additional screening for our nannies that other agencies do not, and that is an optional Personality Assessment Test. Our Psychologist conduct 6 different tests that assess the candidates psychomotor maturation, evaluates strengths and weaknesses, personality characteristics and traits, personality style, ways authority is handled, family relations and more.

Many of our nannies come to us via referrals from other nannies such as their friends or relatives. These are our favorite kind because they are arriving from a trusted source. We also recruit on local Internet job posting sites, schools, Universities and online nanny groups.

We only hire nannies who are bilingual, hold a University Degree or some kind of post high school study with a minimum of two years of childcare experience. Most of them have worked with children or as a caregiver on a part-time or full-time basis throughout their lives. We look for candidates with a positive outlook in life, charismatic and someone we would personally hire as a nanny for our child.

We take huge pride in the nannies we hand pick for representation and have a fantastic team of nannies who have been with us for many years. Therefore finding a permanent nanny can be very quick, depending on the requested schedule and our nannies availability. On average, it can take between 1-2 weeks. For families outside of our service areas, it can take 1-2+ months.

We typically send 2-3 candidates to interview and guarantee you will have a difficult time choosing just one!

We strive for both the family and the nanny to be completely happy with each other and work hard to create an ideal match but we understand that issues can arise. To assure both parties are confident with their decision, we recommend doing a 2-3 consecutive trial days prior to confirming the Placement. We also recommend signing an employment agreement together with your nanny where, together you will go over all of the job details. If you feel you absolutely need to replace your nanny, we will do so at no additional cost to you, within the first 3 months of her start date.

Permanent Nanny Placements last a minimum of one year, many nannies continue on with the family for 2,3 + years!

A Permanent Nannies responsibilities vary, but often include full care of the children (bathing, dressing, feeding), engaging in creative play, escorting the children to and from activities/ play-dates, light cleaning related to the children’s activities, keep their rooms and play area organized and preparing meals for the children.

Our psychologists meet in person or via Zoom with the each candidate to perform 6 different Psychodiagnostic Test, otherwise known as a Personality Assessment Test, in which they evaluate the personality along with their family and interpersonal relationships. Their cognitive, emotional and affective capacity are evaluated, as well as psychologically, to determine if there are any risk factor. We consider these aspects important for our agency, unlike other agencies that carry out online questionnaires which cannot evaluate and most often do not take into consideration, an aspect as important as body language that allows to observe behaviors such as nervousness, tension, concealment, among other factors.

Visa/immigration formalities, medical cover and transportation costs (including interview travel costs) are the responsibility of the employer.

We offer live-in Placements for traveling nannies or Placements where the nanny is required to relocate. Otherwise, our Placements are typically live-out.

We understand how stressful it can be to put your trust in a Nanny Agency. Thus we provide  verified references, background check and an optional Psychological Evaluation. Additionally, we recommend reading our reviews on Facebook and Google!

WCN Screening Process

  • Personal interview via Zoom 
  • Criminal Background Check (USA) 
  • One-on-one Personality Assessment Test conducted by our Licensed Psychologist.
  • Reasons for any gaps in their employment history.
  • Verify education and certifications.
  • CPR and First Aid Certification.
  • At least two references from former child care employers.

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