Finding Great Daycare in Buenos Aires

Locating the right childcare for your family is tough wherever you live. You need to pick a place that looks after your child according to your principles and needs, a place that offers high quality care and teachers, and – in Buenos Aires – a place that is close to your home to save on expensive and lengthy commutes in the morning.

In Argentina the nursery school, playgroup or kindergarten is called a “jardín de infantes” or more commonly a “jardín”. Jardínes can be public (no fee, but you need to be accepted and waiting lists are common) or private (fees must be paid and they vary depending on the institution.) Most jardínes start from the age of two (“sala de 2”) and go up to the age where the child will attend school.

Finding the right jardín de infantes can be a long process to make sure you leave enough time before you need to enroll your child. Remember that many places will close their books long before the school year starts, so, the earlier you start your search the better.

Here are a few jardínes that moms in Buenos Aires recommend. If you like the sound of a place, call and book a visit. For more information and to ask questions from fellow BA moms (in Spanish), this Facebook page is useful: Recomendaciones de Jardínes y Colegios. Also, Planeta Mamá is a good place for asking questions in the forums.


Amapola in Palermo is a jardín and primeria (primary school). The jardín is located in an old house at Jorge L. Borges 1791. Well-run, organized, with a range of activities and recommended by moms in the area. Has an English program as well as Spanish. 

Photo via Amapola

Abrazando a Mi Niño

Located on Uriburu 1047 in Recoleta, Abrazando a mi Niño is a Waldorf jardín that operates a slightly different daycare center which is highly recommended by moms. The school is all in Spanish and the staff at the school are spoken highly of.

Juana de Arco

Juana de Arco is another Waldorf school with a good reputation. Located on Araoz 1027/35 in Villa Crespo, the school has a jardín and primary school with different activities to teach cooperation, respect, creativity and personal development.


Jardín de infantes Bloomies has locations in Palermo and Recoleta – Guise 1790 in Palermo and Ayacucho 1328 in Recoleta. They offer a morning, afternoon and doble turno shift and have a sala de 1 up to sala de 4. 

Jardín de los Caminos

Located in Belgrano (Mendoza 3644), this jardín comes recommended by mothers with comments like “small, relaxed, art orientated and very caring.” Plenty of space for the kids to play and lots of activities. 

Photo via Jardín de los Caminos

Jardín del Arbol

Jardín del Arbol (Zapiola 955) is a friendly place with a good reputation for kids from sala de 1 up to sala de 4. From the age of three there are English classes.

Other places to take a look at include Azul Naranja in Palermo and the bilingual Cinderella El Centavo in Recoleta.

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