Best Buenos Aires Barrios for Families With Young Kids





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Not sure
where to stay in Buenos Aires with kids? Buenos Aires is a diverse city and
where you live or stay depends on your personality, needs, and budget – there surely
is a barrio (neighborhood) for everyone within Argentina’s vibrant capital. But
some barrios are better for families and young children than others. Need help
figuring out where to set up home, if only for a few weeks? Read our guide to
family-friendly Buenos Aires neighborhoods and suburbs.

Palermo Soho

The trendy,
chic, friendly and cool area of Palermo located south west of Juan B Justo and containing
Plaza Serrano. A great place for families that want to get involved in porteño
life but can’t be far from a Starbucks or a place to buy organic milk. You’ll
find some mini-plazas with play equipment for the little ones but there’s not a
lot of space for older kids to let off steam. One of the best places for mom-and-baby
activities and child-friendly cafes.

Palermo Botánico

Botánico is the unofficially-named section of Palermo containing the Botanical
Gardens, the zoo, and bordering the Bosques de Palermo – the expansive parks
which are perfect for families looking to hang out and relax in the sunshine.
This area of the city is busy but the gardens bring a little space and light
into porteño life. Easy access to the subway and to various schools and daycare

Villa Crespo, Caballito and Almagro

Located to
the south and southwest of Palermo, Villa Crespo, Caballito and Almagro are
cheaper places to rent an apartment for a family and have not been “gentrified”
as much as trendy neighbor Palermo. Parque Centenario is in the middle of these
barrios – a fantastic place for kids of all ages with a lake, lots of play
equipment, and regular shows and events taking place.

Puerto Madero

Madero is unlike any other area in Buenos Aires. You’ve got shiny new
high-rises, calm blue water and masses of restaurants and cafes. Puerto Madero
is an old dock area converted into BA’s most modern barrio. Great for pushing a
stroller around – the sidewalks are smooth and hole-free – and the area is
clean, fresh, and largely traffic-free when you’re wandering around the docks.
Close to the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, an eco-reserve with plenty of
space for kids to run around. The downside to living here as a family is that
most daycare centers and schools are a long taxi ride away, and there is not
much in the way of “community”.


has long been the lavish, affluent barrio of Buenos Aires with its luxurious
mansion buildings, fine hotels, and a clutch of embassies. When staying in Recoleta
you are a short stroll away from Palermo’s parks and shops, and a quick taxi
ride from anywhere else. The famous cemetery is a fascinating visit for older
children. Recoleta is a beautiful area in terms of architecture and a
relatively safe place for families to live – if you can afford it.

Barrio Norte

Recoleta, this is a budget-friendly alternative. Busier, with less open space
and fewer tree-lined avenues, Barrio Norte is nevertheless a convenient,
central location for families with good metro access and plenty of shops and neighborhood
cafes and restaurants.


Belgrano in
the north of the city is a leafy, sprawling barrio with shady parks and a lot
of residential homes. Also home to some good bilingual schools and daycare
centers. Belgrano is pretty peaceful for being right smack in the middle of the
city. Go to Barrio Chino on the edge of Belgrano to pick up the spices, herbs,
ingredients and snacks you miss from home.

Don’t Forget the

San Isidro and Tigre

Two spacious,
sunny suburbs around a 30-minute drive from the center of BA, San Isidro is the
ideal place for families who need a little more space, and don’t mind being
slightly out of all the action. House and apartments are not cheap, however,
although there are plenty of sports and leisure facilities. Tigre offers access
to the expansive Paraná Delta and kids love Parque de la Costa, the amusement


an upscale choice for families, Nordelta is an area of private neighborhoods to
the north of San Isidro. Masses of space, clean streets, lots of leisure facilities
and a safe environment attract families but the downside is the cost – this is
an expensive place to live. Nordelta has its own health facilities, shops,
entertainment etc. – great for convenience but not ideal if you want to experience
“real” porteño life as a family.

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