We Believe in Quality
Over Quantity- Saving
Your Family Time On
Interviewing Candidates.

Who We Are

WCN is a bilingual Nanny Agency composed of bilingual Placement Coordinators, nannies and language teachers with the same goal in mind: promoting bilingual education to young children through their most beloved caretake: their Nanny! Our Nannies have experience working with children as a nanny, teacher or other childcare related field.

They each hold a University Degree or are currently attending a post High School Degree / Studies. Our Nannies are also bilingual in English and Spanish as well as other requested languages such as French, German, and Mandarin. Our Spanish-speaking nannies are from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, and other South/ Central Amercian countries.

Our bilingual nannies are dedicated to not only the well-being of your child but also to teaching a second language in the process. They are all experienced with at least 2-5 years of direct nanny experience, including working as a nanny abroad. Their references have been verified and a background check and/or Personality Assessment Test has been conducted.

Wcn can help you find a permanent, professional, bilingual nanny wherever your family is based. We have helped families in Buenos Aires, Mexico City , Santiago, New York City and other U.S cities, Europe and the Middle East.

Why Choose Us

Bilingual Placement Coordinators

Rest assured that, when you contact World Class Nannies, you will speak with a bilingual (English-and-Spanish-speaking) coordinator who will promptly assist you with your request.

Quality Not Quantity

We are very selective when choosing childcare professionals and language teachers. As a result only 10% of candidates who apply are invited to join our team. This means fewer pointless interviews with candidates who do not meet your standards and more time for you and your family.

Bilingual Childcare Professionals

All of our nannies, babysitters and language teachers are bilingual – some are trilingual! All are highly experienced in the childcare and teaching field, hold university degrees and are dedicated to not only the well-being of your child but also to teaching him or her a second language in the process. Language teachers are English, French and German mother tongue.


Caters to Expat Families

World Class Nannies supports local and expat families who have recently relocated and are in need of legal or tax & payroll services, related to legally hiring their nanny. We also offer, tips and advice, and insider-knowledge on families and children in your city – joining local playgroups, where to shop for favorite food items not easily found in the city, best parks, fun activities to do as a family, and more.

Legal and Payroll Assistance

Our Tax Accountant will register your Nanny and do the Payroll for you!
Have questions about Domestic Labor Laws? We will connect you with our
Agency Lawyer (Legal assistance is currently only available in Mexico
City and Buenos Aires) to answer all of your questions at an affordable
price! Additionally all families will receive a Professionally Drafted
Work Agreement to complete with your Nanny.

We Provide Ongoing Support

World Class Nannies supports you through the entire process from the early stages of your hiring process and through the entire time that your Nanny is with you by checking in to make sure everything is going well and answering any questions that may arise during the time with your nanny, Sitter or Language Teacher. We are just an email, WhatsApp message or phone call away and more than happy to assist you with questions regarding local mommy & expat groups, English Speaking Pediatricians, legal and Payroll Services, back up care for when your nanny calls in sick and more!

Personality Assessment Test

Nanny personality or risk assessment are psychological tests that assist parents evaluate potential nanny candidates. The tests provide a better insight into the candidates personality and traits, as well as an assessment of possible risk factors.

Our Agency Psychologist meet in person when possible or via Zoom with each candidate to perform 7 different Psychodiagnostics Test, in which they evaluate the personality along with their family and interpersonal relationships. Their cognitive, emotional and affective capacity are evaluated, as well as psychologically, to determine if there are any
risk factors.

We consider these aspects important for our Agency, unlike other agencies that carry out online questionnaires which cannot evaluate and most often do not take into consideration, an aspect as important as body language that allows to observe behaviors such as nervousness, tension, concealment, among other factors.

Our Team


Lucia Demercurio

Founder/ Managing Director

Lucia was born in Buenos Aires and raised in Los Angeles, where she spent 22 year of her life. During that time, she dedicated her time to working with kids as a nanny, camp counselor, day cares, tour guide in Europe for 50 high school students, assistant teacher in special education classrooms, and has also worked caring for children abroad in Italy and Spain. Additionally she earned a bachelors degree in Psychology in Los Angeles.

Lucia founded WCN in Buenos Aires in 2009 after seeing a great need for bilingual childcare. Since then, WCN has grown to become very popular and highly sought after among the expat and local community for their expertise in the field, top-notch service and highly qualified childcare professionals.

Alice Rossetter


Alice was born in the UK.  She worked as a management consultant in UK government organizations before settling in Buenos Aires.  She decided to retrain as a psychotherapist receiving a degree in psychology from the Universidad de Belgrano and postgraduate qualifications in Psychological Evaluation and Problem-Focussed Systemic Therapy.  She has been professionally involved in individual and family therapy at Centro Therapéutico Siendo (Belgrano), specializing in cultural adaptation issues for expats and gender and sexuality issues. She speaks English and Spanish fluently.


Monica Orazi


Monica was born in Rosario. She received her degree as a kindergarten teacher in Rosario, first teaching in Argentina and later in California.  She lived for several years in Geneva working for the UN in the Food and Agriculture Organization and speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently.  When she returned to Argentina, she decided to change direction professionally receiving a degree in Psychopedagogy from the Universidad Católica de Argentina, a Psychology degree from the Universidad de Belgrano and an MBA from the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.  Since then she has received postgraduate qualifications in Psychological Evaluation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. She has been professionally involved in family and individual therapy at Centro Therapéutico Siendo (Belgrano), human resources activities with many high-profile clients and takes an active role in research and teaching at the Universidad de Belgrano.  She is currently completing her Doctorado in Applied Cognitive Neurosciences at the Universidad de Maimonides.

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