5 Places To Play When It’s Raining in Buenos Aires

You can never be quite sure what the weather will do during autumn and winter in Buenos Aires. Days of bright sunshine and mild temperatures change into rainy, chilly days – you need a variety of options for entertaining the children in this season, from parks to indoor play spaces. For those dull grey days, check out these ideas for kid-safe spaces where everyone can have fun.

1) Museo de los Niños 

Surely the best and biggest indoor space for kids to explore, play and learn in BA. The Museo de los Niños isn’t really a museum as such, instead it’s an interactive experience where children can play at being TV presenters, shop keepers, bank tellers, bus drivers and much more. Also has a soft play area with toys and games for toddlers and babies. Located in the Abasto shopping mall, this place can get busy on very rainy days. You can also rent little pushalong cars in the mall itself if your toddler wants to drive while you shop.


2) FiiFun House

in las Cañitas (Migueletes 681) is a cozy, cute little space where moms
and dads can relax over a slice of cake while kids up to nine years old play in
the specially-created space for little ones. Plenty to do, light and airy, and
the coffee shop looks really cool.


Photo courtesy of FiiFunHouse

3) Canté Pri

Another café,
this one called a “bar de chicos”, Canté Pri in Palermo Hollywood (Charcas
5216) is a nice place to go for lunch where there’s space for the children to
relax and have fun. Kids pay for access to the “bar” which includes a drink and
the play equipment, and they can stay for as long as they like.

4) Play

Located in Recoleta (Juncal 1432), Play is a place for kids that also includes space for the parents to relax with a cup of coffee. Holds regular events (check the Facebook for updates) as well as talks and workshops for parents.


Photo courtesy of Play

5) Quinta Estación

Located in Palermo Soho (Jorge Luis Borges 2055), this is a cute café with delicious coffee, lunch, brunch and desserts plus the advantage of a play area for the little ones. Quinta Estación holds regular events, workshops, play sessions and concerts – check out the Facebook page for more details.

Also, plenty of the bigger malls in the city have their own little enclosed spaces for toddlers and babies, with slides and play equipment. Older kids will love the obligatory carousel, the ice cream, and the loud and crazy arcade games – if you’re stuck and it’s raining, just head to the nearest mall!

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