10 Tips for Visiting Buenos Aires with Babies and Young Children

If you are planning a trip to Argentina’s vibrant capital and you’re taking the little ones along, you’re in for a great time. Buenos Aires is a fantastic place for kids and families. You’ll find everyone comments on how beautiful your bebé is. Toddlers will adore the parks and play areas – and the ice cream! If you’re visiting or a new resident in Buenos Aires, check out these 10 quick tips.

1) Public transport is a bit hit-and-miss. On the one hand, the Subte (subway or underground) is a cheap and convenient way to get around downtown Buenos Aires, on the other hand at rush hour it is packed, hot and stressful. If you have a baby, use a baby carrier and take someone to deal with the stroller as there are no elevators and plenty of stairs. You’ll have to collapse the stroller to take it on a bus. On the plus side, someone will always get up and offer their seat when they see you board with young kids.

2) A sturdy stroller that can cope with off-road conditions is essential in BA where many of the sidewalks are in poor repair.

Image via National Post

3) It is not common to find baby seats in cabs. If you brought yours with you, use it if you get around town in a taxi. Otherwise, calling Remises Royal may help as they have had car seats for babies in the past.

4) Rental cars are not advisable unless you are staying a long time or moving outside of the city. The traffic in Buenos Aires is crazy – if you’re driving, keep your wits about you and expect the unexpected!

5) A baby carrier, wrap, Moby, or sling is the best thing you can use for getting around the city with your tiny tot. Hands-free for buying ice cream, better for navigating those cracked sidewalks, and a bonus when you need to use the Subte, a baby carrier will be your best friend.

Image via West of Buenos Aires

6) Families tend to eat late and it is not uncommon to see very young kids and babies out at midnight eating with their parents. If you want to eat out earlier, check out some of the cafes and coffee shops where you can have a light meal and drinks. Many cafes are baby-friendly with play areas and toys.

7) Take a strap or something to secure your baby to the high chair in a restaurant. Most larger restaurants and cafes have high chairs but they are generally open without any tray or straps.

8) Buy diapers/nappies at any supermarket or drugstore. They are called pañales but saying Huggies or Pampers will get you what you need.

9) Breastfeeding is a natural, accepted practice in Buenos Aires and nursing moms will be pleased to know that feeding pretty much anywhere is fine, and you won’t be asked to cover yourself.

10) If your baby has started on solids, bring some baby rice, baby food or baby snacks with you unless you want to spend your vacation making purees from scratch. Ready-made baby meals are not sold much here – or check out this post for quick baby food ideas in BA.

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