Nanny Testimonials

Nanny Testimonials



World Class Nannies has been a great organization to work for, super quick to reply to my application and get everything organized. As soon as I arrived they found me two really nice families who I am now currently working with!

Sophie – Australia


When I started looking for nanny positions in Buenos Aires, I was a bit worried because my Spanish was not that great. When I found out about World Class Nannies, I was happily surprised to see that they had some positions that didn’t require Spanish. Within a week, I found a really nice family working with adorable children. I like the way there is a broad variety of positions available, long or short term, part-time or full-time. World Class Nannies makes the job search so much easier!

Debbie – Quebec, Canada


Como niñera en World Class Nannies tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con familias de todas partes del mundo, Estados Unidos, Sudáfrica y Holanda y tuve la posibilidad de irme como Au Pair a Holanda que fue inesperado pero realmente increíble!

Lucia – Argentina


Things are going amazing with the Wansink family! Both the parents and kids are super lovely and we get on really well. I’m so happy that my first family is such a good match for me. Ana even told me the kids jumped up and down when they found out I was going be with them more days. It warned my heart. Thank you for the opportunity!

Ines – Argentina


Te escribo para contarte que mi primer mes ha sido muy bueno! Nos hemos adaptado muy bien con los niños y he recibido notas positivas por parte de los padres diciendo que están contentos de tenerme y un cariño inmenso por parte de los chicos. He notado que los dos niños están muy interesados en proyectos de arte y desarrollo a nivel motriz en cuanto a dibujos, colores, y formas! Así que estamos trabajando en eso. También me han sembrado la enoooorme curiosidad de aprender portugués!! Así que espero hacerlo pronto. Por ahora me reporto muy satisfecha y entusiasmada con mi primer trabajo como niñera LIVE-IN el cual me ha funcionado muy bien además de darme la oportunidad de ganarme un espacio especial en la vida de los chicos. Un abrazo y te mantengo informada.. Besos!

Sol – Venezuela


My original plan upon arriving in Buenos Aires was to find an office job, where I could prepare myself for the profession workplace. I can confidently say that I have not regretted my decision to work with World Class Nannies instead!

The family with which I have been placed has treated me as if I were one of their own. I have had the pleasure of traveling with them both within Buenos Aires and beyond its borders. While looking after their two boys, aged 3 and 7, I have traveled to San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia. While there, I was given the opportunity to ski the Andean mountains, all expenses paid!

I currently live with the family at their vacation home in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The kids and I spend our days traveling to the beach, tennis lessons, and of course, partidos de fútbol!

I consider my experience with World Class Nannies to have been a truly spectacular opportunity. I have found myself in the company of world-renowned chefs, musical composers, and even fútbol players while working with the family. Although I speak to the boys in English, I have been able to improve my Spanish immensely, which was my ultimate goal in coming to Argentina.

On top of all these supplementary benefits, with World Class Nannies, you’ll have the luxury of working with an organized company and a secure income. I would highly recommend working with Lucia at World Class Nannies, if the opportunity presents itself!

Julia – USA


When I first came to Buenos Aires looking for work I was overwhelmed, there were so many jobs suited to my skills, however, as so many people do, I spent hours researching reputable companies to work for, companies that would ensure stability and would enable me to live comfortably in Buenos Aires.
I came across ‘World Class Nannies’ and they had a posting for a position of a Nanny for three children aged between 2 and 7. The job was promising, well paid and an opportunity to travel all expenses paid, perfect! I met with Lucia and interviewed with her which was informal but professional, I felt instantly at ease. She arranged an interview with the family for me, and the following week I started work!!
It has been a roller coaster ride, but the only ups and downs have been all the traveling, I have been to Uruguay, Jose Ignacio living by the beach, Miami and the highlight, The Bahamas on a private yacht!!!
I feel like part of the family now and the children have warmed to me quickly and we have a lovely routine.
Lucia keeps me updated with other jobs that fit in around my current job and we correspond regularly, with updates and photos.
I recommend anyone looking for a great company and a rewarding job in childcare to contact ‘World Class Nannies’, best decision I ever made.

Claire – Australia


Meine Erfahrung mit World Class Nannies war durchweg positiv! Lucia vermittelte den Kontakt zu Familien, die an einer deutschsprachigen Nanny interessiert waren und während des letzten Jahres habe ich zwei entzückenden Jungs deutsch “spielend” beigebracht. Die Bezahlung war fair und der Kontakt mit der Familie sehr, sehr nett. Allen, die Lust auf einen Nebenjob haben, bei dem man Land und Leute besser kennenlernen und die eigene Kultur/Sprache vermitteln kann, empfehle ich World Class Nannies!

Catalina – Germany


Por mi experiencia personal estoy muy contenta con WCN.Lucía en todo momento ha respondido a mis dudas y ha estado presente para resolver cualquier problema. En cuanto a la familia con la que actualmente estoy trabajando estoy muy contenta, son argentinos muy amables, simpáticos y atentos y los niños son geniales. La experiencia de estar viviendo fuera de mi país ha mejorado con este trabajo tan gratificante y con las personas que he conocido.

Ana – Spain


La experiencia de trabajar en World Class Nannies ha sido muy interesante ya que brinda la oportunidad de trabajar con distintas familias de diferentes países y conocer otras culturas. Es muy gratificante cuando los padres se han quedado conformes con el trabajo que una realiza. Es de gran incertidumbre cuando una llega a un trabajo con una nueva familia ya que no se sabe como será cada familia, pero todas han sido muy lindas experiencias. Gracias Lucía por permitirme la oportunidad de tener tan lindo trabajo. Por muchos años de trabajo más juntas!

Maia – Argentina


I worked for World Class Nannies for different families and I was really impressed how nice everything is. Lucia is a very good and warm person and cares about everything. She is very polite and asks always if everything is ok. I worked for different families and all the families were awesome. It was so much fun to play with the kids and care for them. I want to thank you, Lucia, for this great time with you and I am glad to have you, the agency and the families as another great experience!

Pia – Germany


Before working for WCN I had done babysitting on my own in Argentina and also in the US, but working for WCN gave a whole new perspective of babysitting and of organization. Their staff are very organized, trustworthy and up to speed with everything that goes on with every babysitter. If you plan to apply for WCN you will always be reassured that you will have the best possible kind of team working to find you a suitable position and a comfortable one. I’ve had an amazing experience working for WCN and had the chance to meet people from the US, Australia and Argentina.

Priscila – Argentina


I have had two short term placements with World Class Nannies, both of which have turned into long term connections and international friendships. The service is professional; I have always been paid well and on time and Lucia works to find a good fit for the needs of families and nannies. I highly recommend World Class nannies for your time in Buenos Aires

Alana – USA


I am a professional nanny who recently relocated from NYC to Buenos Aires. From the moment I contacted World Class Nannies and met with Lucia Demercurio, I knew I was in good hands! World Class Nannies does an excellent job of vetting their applicants and finding the perfect match for each of us. Lucia knew exactly what I was looking for and did her best to find the right family to place me with. She is thorough, dependable and always available. I am now taking care of an adorable baby full-time; just what I was looking for! And I never would have found him if it weren’t for World Class Nannies.

Sandi – USA


World Class Nannies is an amazing way for both nannies and families to explore other cultures, and get to know people for different parts of the world. Parents won’t have to worry about finding an expirienced and loving nanny, cause in World Class Nannies those qualities are a must.
I highly recomend it. If you’re an expierienced Nanny, come work with us! If you’re a family on the look for the perfect nanny, be sure your kids will be in great hands. =)

Mailen – Argentina


Como niñera en word class nannies tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con familias de todas partes del mundo, Estados Unidos, Sudáfrica y Holanda. Y tuve la posibilidad de irme como Au Pair a Holanda que fue inesperado pero realmente increíble!
Es realmente importante para una niñera contar con el apoyo de la agencia y confiar en ella y mas aun cuando una esta lejos de casa, como también lo es para la familia que contrata una niñera.
Honestamente, Lucia, representante de Word Class Nanies siempre me ha brindado apoyo y contención en todo momento.

Lucia – Argentina


WorldClass Nannies is an excellent service. I am an American who decided to turn my vacation to Buenos Aires into a long-term stay, and thus needed to make an income to sustain my life there. I figured I didn’t have very many options because I am not fluent at Spanish, and all of my friends who came to Buenos Aires to teach english were not making enough money to get by. Nannying seemed like the best option, and I found WorldClass Nannies through Craigslist, and within a week I was set up with a very nice english-speaking family from Holland.
It was the perfect job for me there. The two boys were adorable, and it was very comforting to have a “family” away from my family. I got a decent salary, enough to sustain my lifestyle, and the hours were reliable and consistent. I’m really going to miss my family and my time with them in Buenos Aires, and I owe it all to WorldClass Nannies!

Julie – USA


I couldn’t be happier with my experience with World Class Nannies! Shortly after joining the agency I was fortunate enough to be matched with an amazing family from Venezuela and plan to continue caring for the children for the duration of my stay here in Buenos Aires. It is great to have an opportunity such as this that really takes into account the needs of both you and the potential families in order to form a perfect match. Additionally, the importance of reliability when it comes to finding the right nanny is scond to none which is why World Class Nannies prides itself with providing educated, experienced and trustworthy candidates time and time again! I would highly reccomend World Class Nannies to both nannies and families….I assure you that you’re in good hands!

Kaylee – USA


I’ve been with WCN for some time now and my experience with them is very positive. Warm atmosphere and helpful service is what I’ve found here. I like being informed on regular basis of new job openings and personal touch that Lucia’s communication has. Being a childcare person for several years, I was able to put my experience to practice fairly soon. My first experience was with a toddler boy from a lovely family of a prominent football player and his dynamic wife (owner of the local branch of Gymboree). I was very delighted to have worked with this family and was impressed with WCN’s careful planning and step-by-step arranging of the first meeting, making sure I found the place, etc. I needed extra income during summer, so it was a noticeable (and timely) addition to my budget. I recommend WCN to any professional in childcare who’s looking for great deals and excellent service.

Natasha – Russia