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Occasional Babysitters

Occasional Babysitters

Recommended for families, residing in the city on a long-term basis and needing only occasional babysitting services.

Options below offer limited sittings per week
The Occasional babysitter Service is provided solely for occasional babysitting and must abide by the following term:

  1. Maximum of 1 babysitting weekly
  2. Maximum of 4 babysitting per month
  3. Maximum of 6 hours per babysitting


  • Receive profiles of sitters in your area who meet your requirements
  • Meet and interview 2-3 potential sitter in your home
  • Select your primary sitter and 2 sitters as your back ups in case your first option is not available
Buenos Aires

12 baby sittings- $144.00 USD
24 baby sittings- $275.00 USD

 Sitter hourly rate: $220 ARS
Mexico City

12 baby sittings- $144.00 USD
24 baby sittings- $275.00 USD

Sitter hourly rate: $200 MXN

Up to 12-months to use baby sitting


PayPal or Bank Transfer due upon selection of babysitter, not the commencement date.
If you plan to hire a sitter for new Year’s Eve, Christmas eve or Easter, the hourly rate doubles. Sitters are in high demand during these times.


Please read prior to booking

  1. Three-hour minimum booking for all sitting
  2. Client must contact the agency directly to request a babysitting
  3. All fees are non-refundable
  4. Client agrees to pay the babysitter directly at the end of the sitting
  5. Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance, in the equivalent of three hour of service will be charged
  6. If using a sitter past 9:00 Pm,we ask that cab fare be provided directly to the babysitter at the end of the night

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