How It Works

How It Works


World Class Nannies places nannies and language teachers (primarily English) in the city of Buenos Aires and Mexico City. We work with families from all over the world who are visiting or residing in one of our locations and is in search of professional bilingual nanny or language teacher to care for and teach their child a new language. We offer full-time and part-time job placements on a long-terms basis (12 months), as well as temporary babysitting placements lasting 1-6 months. PLACEMENTS ARE LIVE OUT ONLY.

Step 1: Complete online application.
Step 2: Verification of 2 professional, childcare related references.
Step 3: Personal interview and Psychological Evaluation, carried out by a Licensed Psychologist. At World Class Nannies, we are dedicated to working together to achieve the highest quality of care and education and take pride in providing professional, bilingual nannies to all of our families.



  • 21+ years
  • Native English speaker OR bilingual (English, Spanish, French, German).
  • University degree OR Post secondary studies (You are welcome to apply is you are currently attending)
  • Minimum of RECENT 3 years experience with children as a nanny or teacher
  • Pristine verifiable references
  • Minimum 12-month commitment as a nanny


  • TEFL Certification
  • Native Speaker (English, French, German)
  • 2 teaching related recommendation letters
  • 2 years minimum teaching experience
  • 3-months commitment as a language teacher



You’re an experienced childcare professional looking for a great family. We work with wonderful families from various parts of the world, who truly value their employees, We work to place you, as a World Class Nanny representative, with families who believe that nannies are professionals and who recognize the value of your services. As a result, these families offer competitive salaries for their employees. View our current job placements here.


It is common for World Class Nannies families to request their nannies to be available for travel during summer and drive winter months to vacation homes in Europe, USA, Punta del Este, Bariloche and the other parts of LatinoAmérica. To travel abroad nannies must have a passport and travel visas in order, prior to applying( not applicable to nannies that hold passports where visas are not needed to enter into Europe and/or U.S.).


World Class Nannies does not charge a sign-up fee, however all candidates must undergo a Psychological Evaluation conducted by our Licensed Psychologist. There is a non-refundable fee paid directly to the psychologist on the of evaluation. The one-hour evaluation consist of Q & A, drawings and discussions regarding childcare safety and precautions.


We work with you through the entire placement process to ensure that you and you employer develop a successful, long-term relationship. We are always available to answer questions and assist with any concerns or challenges that may arise during the course of your placement you own travel and work visas.


World Class Nannies does not charge a sign-up fee, however all candidates must undergo a Psychological Evaluation conducted by our Licensed Psychologist. There is a non-refundable fee paid directly to the psychologist on the of evaluation. The one-hour evaluation consist of Q & A, drawings and discussions regarding childcare safety and precautions.


May I apply for a nanny placement if I live outside of the country?

No. World Class Nannies only represents nannies that are currently residing in Buenos Aires or other WCN locations. However, you may contact us one week prior to your arrival date and we will begin the applications process at that time.

What responsibilities and duties does the family expect of me?

Your responsibilities depend on each family’s individual needs and your priority is the child’s well-being. If requested by a parent you may be asked to assist with homework, prepare dinner or carry out other light household duties concerning the child.

What is the average length of commitment for a placement?

The average placement length is 12-months. However, we offer many different full-time and part-time temporary placements lasting 1-6 months. Contact us to find out more.

Can I choose my placement?

You may submit a placement request for any available position. If you meet all of the family’s requirements and we feel you are the perfect match we will send your profile to the family for review. The decision is ultimately up to the family.

What about holiday pay?

Nannies who have worked for an employer for more than six months are entitled to two weeks’ holiday. The amount of holiday entitlement increases with the length of continuous employment, up to a maximum of five weeks (35 days).
The employer must pay salary and other benefits to the employee during annual leave.  This must be paid in advance, and leave must begin on a Monday.

How are the childcare professionals and language teachers represented by WCN compensated?

World Class Nannies acts as an agent to introduce suitable candidates to work as nannies, babysitters or English teachers. The Agency acts as an introduction agency only and does not directly or indirectly employ the applicant.

What are the families responsibilities?

Clients are responsible for the following:

  • Employment contract
  • Registration of employee with the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP)
  • Paying employee on a bi-monthly basis
How many hours per week does the family typically request?

Nannies typically work between 15-30 hours per week, in some cases up to 45 per week. Language Teachers work anywhere between 4-10 hours per week.

Employees must not work more than:

  • Eight hours a day, which can be extended to nine hours a day if an employee works fewer hours on another day of the week.
  • 48 hours a week.
Do I need to be bilingual if I am a Native English Speaker?

No! Due to the high demand for English Mother Tongue (EMT) nannies, being a Native English Speaker alone is sufficient for some families. In fact, most families prefer their nanny not to speak the native language spoken in the home when teaching a second language, as it ensures a constant single dialogue between nanny and child.

Do I need to speak English and Spanish or are other languages accepted?

All languages are welcome! However, we do require non-English Mother Tongue nannies to speak an intermediate level of English to work with us. We work on behalf of families from all over the world that request nannies who speak their native language and/ or a second language, to either maintain the family’s mother tongue or teach a second language to the child. Some of the most requested languages include English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

How soon can I expect to be hired by a family?

The interviewing & screening process typically takes 1-2 weeks. After you have completed the registration process you will begin to receive job offers via email. At this point you may begin to respond to job offers that best matches your experience and the families requirements. Your profile will be emailed to the family and you can expect to be hired within 30-60 days.