Beneficios de Una Educación Bilingüe en los Niños

Al vivir en un mundo cada vez más globalizado cada día son más populares y conocidos los beneficios de una educación bilingüe en los niños. Indudablemente, la enseñanza de 2 o más idiomas desde una corta edad otorga mejoras y ventajas tanto a largo como a corto plazo en el desarrollo de tus hijos. Los niños [...]

Niñeras Bilingües en México

La presencia de las niñeras dentro de la cultura mexicana es algo que lleva ya varios años de ser sumamente popular. Esa figura de alguien que cuida a los niños, los ayuda con sus deberes de la escuela y que comúnmente llega a ayudar también en tareas de limpieza o cocina dentro de la casa usualmente [...]

7 Tips for Building a Great Relationship with your Nanny in Buenos Aires

Every significant relationship needs care and attention, and the relationship with your children’s nanny is no exception. You trust your nanny to look after the people most important to you in the world. You rely on her and her expertise makes your life easier. Cultivating a good working relationship with your nanny makes everyday life easier and less stressful, [...]

How to Manage the Nanny Risk: Tips & Strategies

Choosing a nanny is an important decision. You must find the best person for the job, who meets excellent standards of care and provides your children with a fun, nurturing environment. And you also need to consider the risks involved in hiring an in-home nanny – and how to minimize them. Here’s what you need [...]

Nannies: How to Register for a DNI and CUIL

If you’re a nanny looking forward to working for a family in Argentina, or a family employing a nanny here for the first time, you need to know how to make it legal. Specifically, how to register for a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and a CUIL. Here’s what you need to know: What is [...]

How to Register Your Nanny with AFIP

Congratulations – you´ve found your perfect nanny. Now it´s time to make it official. All nannies and other domestic employees working in homes in Argentina must be registered “en blanco” with AFIP (Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos). Confused? Find out more with our step-by-step guide to legally registering your nanny in Argentina. What is AFIP? [...]

Summer in Buenos Aires: Cool Activities for Kids

It’s summer time! And the city of Buenos Aires heats up, and up, and up. When you’ve got kids and you’re not escaping the city for the beach or the mountains, it can be hard to keep everyone happy and occupied. Here are a few of our ideas for cool BA activities this summer. We’ll [...]

6 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Buenos Aires

Still haven’t figured out how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year? Don’t forget it’s this Sunday, 18th October in Argentina. A day for – hopefully – a little relaxation, pampering, and special love from the family. Take a look at our six ideas for a Buenos Aires Mother’s Day, from luxe to child-friendly. 1. While [...]

9 Reasons Why Buenos Aires is Great for Babies and Kids

Buenos Aires can be busy, hectic and challenging for expat families living in or visiting the city but take a deep breath – it is also one of the best places for babies and kids in South America. Buenos Aires is full of energy and life, with plenty to occupy children and adults alike. Here [...]

More Great Ideas for Children’s Day 2015

Here are a couple more quick ideas for Día del Niño this coming Sunday….. Celebrate Children’s Day at Casa Muamor, the café at Soler 4202, Palermo that also has a little kids’ playroom, with a meal for kids, plus gift per child and entry into the playroom for $140. Quinta Estación has updated their kids [...]