How to register your foreign nanny in Mexico City?

A-Step-by-Step Process for families

Has your family just been relocated to Mexico City? Do you want to bring your nanny along with you? Or maybe you just want your kids to grow up learning a foreign language/culture? Follow this steps to find out how you can hire and register your foreign nanny to legally work for you in Mexico!

Since 2012, in order to apply for a work permit in Mexico, it is an indispensable requirement that you have a job offer or work contract from a local, or a company registered in Mexico.

This offer must be issued by a natural or legal person, prior to the arrival of the foreigner to the country. It is only in this way that anyone can obtain a residence card (FM-3); however, the work visa can only be processed in Mexico.

Step by step to getting your nanny’s working permit

The first step corresponds to whoever is offering the job, (in this case you!). You would have to issue an Employer’s Certificate (whether it’s a natural or legal person).  This document will allow a job offer to be extended to a foreigner, and only then can the Visa Authorization procedure be initiated.

You would have to personally submit to the corresponding window of the National Institute of Migration (INM) with an official ID, your RFC (or Tax Identification Card), as well as your last tax declaration.

After this, the National Institute of Migration will analyse the case and issue a final resolution in 30 to 45 days. Upon acceptance, an Internationalization Permit will be issued authorizing your nanny as a foreigner to go to a Mexican consulate and complete an interview where her Work Visa will be delivered. Once the application is approved she will have 90 days to 6 months (depending on each case) to appear before the Mexican Consulate with jurisdiction over her place of residence to request the visa.

In Mexico, a procedure called “Canje” (Exchange) will take place in order for her to obtain the Visa/Residence Card -with a credential-type photo- that accredits her as a foreigner to be able to perform lucrative activities. The visa is issued in 3 to 4 days from the time the application is filed at the Consulate.

Finally, once she arrives in Mexico, she’ll have a time limit of 30 days to appear at the INM to register.

Validity of the Work Visa

The FM-3 work visa is generally valid for an initial period of one year, with yearly one-year extensions possible. The FM-3 can be renewed for a total validity of five years.


If you’ve already brought your nanny along with you there are three situations in which it will be possible for her to stay in Mexico without having to leave the country to start her working permit process (FM-2 Visa):

– If she has a direct family link with a resident status foreigner in Mexico (whether spouse, parents or children)

– If she has a direct family link with a Mexican (such as a spouse, parent or children)

– If she marries a Mexican during her tourist-allowed period of 180 days in which she can remain in the country.