A World Class Nanny Life

Are you an experienced nanny looking for a job? Would you like to keep traveling the world while living and working for some amazing and caring families? Are you looking for a trustworthy agency that’ll make you feel at ease?

World Class Nannies works with wonderful families from all over the world who are visiting or have recently relocated. Are you wondering what do these jobs look like? Find out from 3 of our top nannies below!


  • On Working with the Families

World Class Nannies will make sure you are paired with a suitable family, who’ll treat you just like one of their own and you’ll be able to teach the kids as well as learn from them and their everyday routine in a loving environment.

Claire: “I came across World Class Nannies and they had a posting for a position of a Nanny for three children aged between 2 and 7. I feel like part of the family now and the children have warmed to me quickly and we have a lovely routine.”

Julia: “The family with which I have been placed has treated me as if I were one of their own. I currently live with the family at their vacation home in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The kids and I spend our days traveling to the beach, tennis lessons, and of course, partidos de fútbol! Although I speak to the boys in English, I have been able to improve my Spanish immensely, which was my ultimate goal in coming to Argentina.”

Katrina: “I worked for a high-profile family for 2 full years as a private English tutor for their three young children and an au pair when they traveled internationally. The family was so kind and welcoming when I first began, that I sincerely felt at home and immediately connected with the children. After two years of working with them, they now consider me one of the family, which is truly an honor and we still keep in contact with each other.”


  • On Traveling the World

You’ll be lucky enough to live in and learn from a different culture, practice and master a foreign language and most likely experience some family vacations in exotic and incredible places!

Claire: “It has been a roller coaster ride, but the only ups and downs have been all the travelling, I have been to Uruguay, Jose Ignacio living by the beach, Miami and the highlight: The Bahamas on a private yacht!”

Julia: “I have had the pleasure of traveling with them (the family) both within Buenos Aires and beyond its borders. While looking after their two boys, aged 3 and 7, I have traveled to San Carlos de Bariloche in Patagonia. While there, I was given the opportunity to ski the Andean mountains, all expenses paid!”

Katrina: “Within the two years I have worked for the family. I have been to Jose Ignacio, Uruguay living the beachside life, San Trope, France living the chateau life, Miami, USA living the 32-floor apartment life, Disney World, USA living the VIP experience, Courchevelle, France, living the ski slope side life, the Argentine Campo living the gaucho life, and Bariloche, Argentina, living the ski bum life. The adventures and memories with this family have been endless and beyond enjoyable.”


  • On Working with World Class Nannies

World Class Nannies will provide you with all the safety and security that you’ll look for when deciding to be a foreign family’s nanny. We’ll keep updating you with new job openings and we’ll be constantly making sure that you feel comfortable and safe within the family that you’re paired up with.

Claire: “I recommend anyone looking for a great company and a rewarding job in childcare to contact World Class Nannies, best decision I ever made. I met with Lucia and interviewed with her which was informal but professional, I felt instantly at ease. She arranged an interview with the family for me, and the following week I started work!”

Julia: “My original plan upon arriving in Buenos Aires was to find an office job, where I could prepare myself for the profession workplace. I can confidently say that I have not regretted my decision to work with World Class Nannies instead! With World Class Nannies, you’ll have the luxury of working with an organized company and a secure income. I would highly recommend working with Lucia at World Class Nannies, if the opportunity presents itself!”

Katrina: “I recommend World Class Nannies to anyone who is looking for a great, fulfilling job in childcare/language tutoring. Lucia is a great person and runs a well-organized and well-known company. She is always keeping you updated on job opportunities and updates within the company, thus you feel like part of the World Class Nannies family as well as part of the family you are working with.”