7 Tips for Building a Great Relationship with your Nanny in Buenos Aires

Every significant relationship needs care and attention, and the relationship with your children’s nanny is no exception. You trust your nanny to look after the people most important to you in the world. You rely on her and her expertise makes your life easier. Cultivating a good working relationship with your nanny
makes everyday life easier and less stressful, particularly when you may be new to the city of Buenos Aires.

When you hire a nanny through an experienced agency you can be sure she has the relevant experience and skills – but here’s how to make the most of your nanny by developing the best working relationship

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1) Make Expectations Clear From the Start

You should both read and commit to a contract or list of job duties that the nanny is expected to help with. Depending on your needs and the time available your nanny may help with light housework but it is not generally expected that a professional nanny in Buenos Aires take on heavy housework chores. If you need
to change a nanny’s duties, check with her beforehand and work things out.

2) Look After Your Nanny’s Health

Pay attention to how hard your nanny is working and make sure she takes breaks, and takes time off is she is sick. Make sure she has the chance to eat healthily and that you listen to any concern she has about the work and her health.

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3) Register Your Nanny

Get the relationship off to a professional start by ensuring your nanny is properly registered with AFIP for all relevant benefits, sickness pay, and bonuses. You can find out more about registering a nanny here.

4) Give Her Autonomy

Nothing creates a negative atmosphere quicker than constantly picking apart someone’s work. If you trust your nanny to look after your kids, trust her to know how to do it. If her ways are slightly different from yours, don’t criticize. As long as she is doing her job and keeping the children safe and happy, the small
details will work themselves out. Don’t get in her way and she will make your life easier.

5) Have a Chat

But if something does come to your attention that you are not happy with, make sure you communicate with your nanny. It’s not a great idea to leave her a note – any big issues need to be given time and be dealt with personally.

6) Consider Transportation Issues

In Buenos Aires it’s a fact of life that transport strikes, heavy weather and other crises all conspire to prevent people getting to work on time. Think about how you will deal with unexpected absences caused if your nanny cannot get to work by the usual means. Can you get her a taxi? Consider having her coming in later and staying later?

7) Stay Organized

Keep communication open and make sure everyone in the family knows what’s going on by creating a wall calendar of important activities or dates, or having a regular meeting to update your nanny on upcoming events. The more organized everyone is, the easier everyday life becomes.